About Us


Thank you for visiting our humble site and considering us for your next trip to the airport or anywhere for that matter. We are a small ma & pa operation that maintains a fleet of Lincoln Towncars and Grand Marquis for your transportation needs. We also have limos for your group and social functions, but mainly specialize in the vacation and business travelers.

We have served many inter-generational families for decades. We care about the environment, global warming, and saving the polar bears, my personal canaries in the mine, but also we care about the people on this planet. Thats why we give matriarchs and patriarchs over 90, a free ride to the airport. So send us your grandparents so we can honor them.

We have spent the last decade serving the IT community scattered over the east side. All I can say is thank God for Bill Gates' parents. The rest is history, please feel free to call me anytime. I would love to talk to you personally. After that you'll want me to take you to the airport or cruise ship dock or train station, next time you need to travel, please think of me for your travel needs.

It all started with my grandfather who established pioneer taxi in Seattle in 1932. He had a large fleet at one time and took care of West Seattle when the other cabs ignored this area. My mom worked for Pan Am and at one time we had 7 travel agencies in Seattle and the east side. I took one to Valdez, Alaska in the 70's during the oil pipeline boom. I was the only one up there for 6 years. Then I sold it and bought a 65 ft sailboat. With my wife, son & daughter, 11 & 12 yrs old, we home schooled them and did a 3 year South Pacific cruise to Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji, and on to New Zealand. We eventually sailed back to Hawaii, and settled in Poipu beach on the island of Kauai where the kids went to high school but lost there mother to a tragic car accident in 1999.

After that I realized that everybody would be their own travel agent with the Internet, so I sold the other travel agencies 1 year before 9/11/01 and switched to airport limo, because I knew you still needed a ride to the airport even if you did not need a travel agent anymore. Besides this was more fun then staring at a computer all day. It doesn't seem like a real job, after a while you feel like you're picking up your relatives. We get to know the families and watch the kids grow up, yes we come from a family of burned out travel agents, but found our real purpose in serving our extended family of several thousand friends to get to the airport. Thank you for allowing us to serve you.............................Richy